Why this? Why now?

I'm doing this blog because, although I love my friends and most of their kids, sometimes I don't want pregnancy information on my Facebook news feed. I know that you, reader, may have a care about my pregnancy, but other friends, male and female, probably don't.

I often get these posts that are like "My baby is 5 weeks and 4 days along and doesn't have webbed feet. I'm the happiest woman in the WORLD!!!" My reaction to my own little blob is: "Ew. Webbed Feet? Let's pretend that didn't happen." Denial is my best friend.

At our stage in life, we constantly have folks on Facebook getting married and having babies and getting amazing jobs and climbing giant mountains, but I'm smart enough to know that of my (pared down) 238 friends, many of them are not going to care about our blob growing non-webbed feet.

BUT YOU DO! Well, maybe you do. Here's what I promise you about this blog:

1. I will not EVER make posts about poop. Not in relation to me or anyone that may proceed herefrom.

2. I will be honest, and it may make you laugh.

3. If I'm going to put something on here (maybe the upcoming post about the sickness from hell) that seems even remotely traumatic or gross, I will warn you early so you can skip it.

4. From other parenting/pregnancy blogs I've read, thing can get heated from time to time. I don't really think this is productive. Just about everything I say is tongue-in-cheek, so please don't attack me for saying things before you check I'm being serious.

Other than that, I welcome you to my life.


  1. Yay for your blog! I agree with what you say so may I henceforth be a reader of said blog? Looking forward to keeping updated with your hopefully non-webbed footed blob.

  2. Yay! Congrats on the impending bundle of joy! As one of those friends interested in the fact that you are pregnant, I shall be following your blog! Enough exclamation marks for you?

  3. I demand posts about poop and I fully expect you to raise your child however I tell you to. And no humor is allowed :) Congratulations!


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