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Everyone is Trying

I was really struggling a few weeks ago.  Have you ever woken up and gone through your morning half asleep to realize about 10am that you've had no coffee?  I was feeling that all day long.  Disconnected, tired, and even ashamed.
Why? Because I forgot something really basic: imperfect people are imperfect.
I try not to be cynical, but it's just the truth of things.  No matter how hard people try, we simply can't be right or good all the time.  And yet, I still am disappointed by people that I think are good.
Take example someone on Facebook.  Someone who told me about Jesus.  Someone who taught me memory verses about the love of Jesus for us and the whole world.  They posted something the day after the Paris attacks about self-preservation and keeping refugees out of America.  It really honestly broke my heart.  I just couldn't deal with the bizarre irony that someone who had offered me love and compassion as a child couldn't see that they wanted to deny other childr…

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