The Three Brave People

Dear Betty,

It will probably be a few months before I get to meet you, but I'm so happy and excited by you already that I just have to do my favourite thing: I'm going to tell you a little story.

Once upon a time, there lived a man and a woman.  They both had voices like angels, and when they weren't singing, they were laughing.  The sound of their laughter was like ringing bells or chimes.  It made everyone around them feel like smiling as well.

They went about their work and put their heart and souls into everything that they did.  If someone described the woman, they would say: "She is amazing and fearless!  She works so hard and makes everything difficult look quite simple."  If people described the man, they would say: "He is talented and kind!  He works so hard and makes everything difficult look quite simple."

They got married in a palace so grand that it looked very much like any fairy tale.  Time wore on, and they continued to work hard and help others to do their best.  You see, they were both so special, that anyone around them felt a bit like some kind of grown-up fairy dust had landed on them.  They made hard things easier for everyone.

But they had a secret...

Sometimes, they were not fearless at all.  Sometimes they were separated and sad.  Sometimes they were frustrated and tearful.  Sometimes their problems were big and scary.  Sometimes they just wished for everything to be a little bit easier (even though they made difficult things look quite simple).

You know that fairy dust that other people felt?  It wasn't magic.  It was Bravery.  You know that moment where you see a knight in a fairy tale look quite scared, then he would pull down his mask and charge into battle?  Well, that knight didn't have magic, he had bravery.

They grew up and older, but something was missing.  They often went to the place called the Happiest Place on Earth, and they were happy for each other always.  However, there was a little piece of them that felt not-Brave.  They wanted a something, or better yet, a someone else to share all the happiness and joy of life with them.

They both went through lots of trials and heartbreaks as most Brave People do.  We can skip over those bits.  But they would pull down their knight masks and grab their swords and charge again.  But the someone didn't appear.  Other people began to ask "Don't you want to have an extra someone?  Aren't you getting older?"  There are always bad people in every good story, and in this case, they were just a bit rude.  Lots of their friends and family got their someones, and they kept up their smiling and brave faces, always hoping and trying.

Meanwhile, there was another Brave Person.  She was very scared too.  She is the special person in this story.  She too has a thorny, high hedge to cut through and her own dragons to fight.  She did the most brave thing.  You see, little Betty, she did a hard thing well.  That's all bravery is.  Doing hard things well, looking straight at something that will cause you pain and sacrifice and carrying on. All three people in this story had bravery in common.

The Bravest Person looked at you and said "There is someone else who needs you, little one."  Then, she kissed your soft fuzzy head and sighed, because she was about to do something difficult and amazing and very, very brave.

Now, this bit is very boring in the story, but it leads up to the best part.  The phone rang.  (Yes, this story has phones.  It's not actually in the Middle Ages.)  And the man put his shoes on and got in the car.  And the woman, who had been far away, put on her brave face and charged through the airport.  Like all people waiting for their someone to come, they were scared and happy and anxious and excited all at once.

They were both headed for a place that they loved.  The place everyone else called The Happiest Place on Earth, only it was just outside of that.  This place, where the Bravest Person made the bravest choice.   And after such a long time of fighting and being brave, they held you.  It was after midnight, and the fluorescent lights and tile floors and wires around you were, well, quite normal, but no amount of fairy dust would've made it more magical.  It was like someone poured boiling water on Instant Complete and Utter Love.

You see, Betty, wherever you are with Mommy and Daddy, that is The Happiest Place on Earth.  You were worth the trials, worth the tears and worth the wait.  You might go on to do or be many different things, but one thing is for sure, you will be brave.




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