Ella Mary Naylor

Our Ella Mary arrived at 19:37 (that's 7:37 pm) on the 19th of January, 2012. I was in labour for 2 hours after they broke my waters and started Pitocin, then after 15 minutes of pushing, she was here!

It's been an interesting/hard/wonderful/amazing/scary 2 1/2 weeks. In the interest of brevity AND clarity, I'll just write some words here in a stream of consciousness fashion: blue eyes, milk, baby, infections, pain, smiles, kisses, cuddles, Josh, eat, food, boobs.

I've already done a lot more of the breastfeeding than I thought I would. I was nearly derailed by quite a bad uterine infection when we got home. Yet another thing no one tells you about AFTER the labour and delivery horror stories. (That's a whole 'nother post.) I'm having a hard time just doing it. Ella is great at it, but I'm kind of rubbish, and the threat of postnatal depression is looming over me.

Then, I got an email. A badly spelled and punctuated one, but I guess we have time to work on that.

dear mommmy,

first off - i love you so much. By the way i have asked daddy to type while i dictate as i don't like his stupid bluetooth mac keyboard, it keeps falling of my tiny legs. And don't get me started on the magic mouse - no buttons?!

Any way, back to the important stuff. I never got round to thanking you for carrying me in your womb (daddy told me it wasn't your tummy). I know you got really sick for the first bit, as i kept feeling you hurl, and i also know you couldn't eat much, because i had to take energy that was already in your body!

And then 32 weeks. Oh, 32 weeks. I thought the world sounded so good and exciting, and your voice sounded so beautiful, that i was just desperate to come out and meet you - to see if your face was as lovely as your voice! But then i felt surrounded by angels and felt like lots of people were praying for me. I suddenly knew it was not the right time. I couldn't have done it without you though! I literally owe my pretty little life to you. i would not be here if it wasn't for you, and i am eternally grateful.

When i did come out, i wanted to get out so fast, for the reasons i already said, and i didn't want it to be too difficult for you either. When you grabbed me my heart missed a beat. I started yelling look at you! look at you! i couldn't have imagined how much more prettier you would be than your voice - i still love your voice though. You and daddy had tears in your eyes, and i suddenly felt really hungry. You put my face into the milk and i just drank and drank - it tasted so good - much better than the dirty amniotic fluid (daddy had to teach me that word as well - i thought it was just called the world).

I know i cry loads and loads - sometimes it drives me crazy too, but i just can't stop my self. I am so sorry, and i don't mean to make you upset. Sometimes when you hold me i feel hungry even if i have just eaten! I know! How could that be possible. But somehow it is.

Please be patient with me. I do like you. You do a lot more for me than anyone else, and i owe a debt of gratitude to you that i will repay in a lifetime of cuddles.

I love you so much mommy.


p.s. i got daddy to set up my email address, as i wanted one liek his


  1. What a sweet blessing of God's Gift of Love through your new baby Ella! God is so Good and I'm celebrating Ella's life for our Fathers Glory in her future! Love you Wendy! Praise Jesus!
    Teresa Jones, Perry Ga

  2. That is so sweet! Babies are definitely hand fulls but it is definitely worth it. A bit of advice (because I'm sure you haven't had enough!), if she is crying too much and it is starting to wear on you simply put her in her bed. She will be fine and it will give you a break! P.S. I'm going to be needing your address. I'm working on a little something for Miss Ella.

  3. Oh, my! That is just the sweetest thing! What a super, sweet baby (and amazing husband) you have. Don't be like me, and be sure you accept the help that is being offered to you. I had a really hard time with the (self-imposed) solitude and overwhelming responsibility that came with breastfeeding. But that little email does wonders for the mood, I'm sure! Thanks for sharing that special little message...it travels round the world well!


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