Scary Things

There have been a lot of scary goings-on in the last 10 days.

On the 1st, I went to the hospital with vomiting and seeing lots of flashing lights (both symptomatic of pre-eclampsia). I continued being sick for hours. So sick that I didn't realise I was having contractions every 4-5 minutes. I just figured my stomach was hurting a lot from throwing up. They ran tests for lots of things.

About midnight, Josh went home to get me some clothes, as they figured I would be in overnight.

While he was gone, the midwife came and told me:
1) that the test for pre-term labour was positive,
2) that they were going to move me to a Delivery Room, and
3) that I was going to need steroid shots to mature the baby's lungs quickly.

By the way, for a list of things not to tell a lady who is vomiting profusely, in pain, alone, and 32 weeks pregnant, see the list above.

After about 6 hours, the contractions had slowed down a lot. They also discovered that I had a massive UTI/kidney infection, in addition to what was clearly shaping up to be some kind of stomach bug. Finally, they moved me out of the delivery suite, as I was doing everything possible not to have the baby. After 24 more hours of observation, they decided I would probably be fine.

I'm still on "extended rest" for contractions, but baby is moving well, always has a good strong heartbeat and from the looks of the outside of my belly at least, is still growing. We've nearly made it to 34 weeks now!

On a high note, I was so scared that we were going to have a baby long before Christmas that I wanted one last photo of our pre-baby family:

Merry Christmas from Josh, Wendy and Ernie Naylor!


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